Packing your TV and Electronics

Some of the most complicated items to pack safely when moving into a new home are electronic devices. Due to their fragile nature and high value, it’s important to ensure these products are packed well to avoid damage during transport. Use these preparation tips as a guide!

Clean and Dust Each Item

As you begin packing, thoroughly wipe down each component with dust-catching cloths. This will help prevent scratches on sensitive areas, such as glass screens. Cleaning beforehand will also help avoid possible debris build up in component openings, which could lead to equipment damage.

Take Photos and Backup Files

Even though you may have taken these electronics apart before, it’s a good idea to snap photos of the cord configuration on the back of each piece of equipment to use as reference when you’re setting it back up. Take time to back up your personal computer files. Should your computer sustain any damage or loss in the move, you won’t lose your cherished photos or important documents if you have them all backed up.

Use Bubble Wrap

Electronic devices are often fragile and easily scratched. For the best protection, wrap each piece in packing paper, followed by one or two layers of bubble wrap. Take time to cover all surfaces completely, especially the corners, to avoid damages. Then, carefully pack them into a box and seal with packing tape.

Keep Items Labeled and Organized

Chances are, you have multiple electronic devices throughout your home that need to be packed and relocated. To avoid confusion during reassembly, pack each device in a separate box, keeping all cords, components and instruction manuals with the proper device. It might be helpful to used colored labels to identify the individual cords within those boxes and keep things organized. For example, use a different colored label for each set of components that belong to your computers, gaming consoles and televisions.

Keep Flat Screen Televisions Upright

Depending on its size, you may be able to find a flat panel carton to pack your television. Wrap the television using a combination of protective material such as Styrofoam, bubble wrap and padded blankets. Load the TV inside the carton from the top and ensure it remains standing upright for the entire duration of the move. Do not lay the carton on its side or stack any items on top.

Consider Temperature Changes

Electronic devices can be sensitive to extreme weather conditions, so it’s important to think about what your shipment might encounter during your move. Standard moving vans are not climate controlled, so if it’s possible your electronics may get too hot or too cold, consider transporting them in a personal vehicle where the environment is controlled.

Packing these items safely can be challenging. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help, let our expert team pack your electronics for you. We also offer disassembly and reassembly services for all devices.