International Relocation Services

Harmony Relocation Network

Dependable RELO is a proud member of Harmony Relocation Network. Harmony is a global network of locally owned relocation companies, upholding strong family values through generations of heritage. We are a network of committed partners, brought together in one truly global and solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology, an ISO-tested quality system and leading sustainability criteria.

Harmony’s global network was founded in 1992 with a focus on Europe and the USA. In the late nineties, global expansion began, to meet the needs of an expanding customer base. The network first expanded to Australia and Asia, followed quickly by the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

Harmony is the largest commonly branded global network of relocation companies. Consisting of over 140 members in 60 countries, the network serves 180 countries across 6 continents, providing the same level of high quality services, local expertise and personal commitment.


We know the best way to get your belongings from Point A to Point B – with destination partners around the world that make sure your shipment arrives safely and on-time. Whether your interests include global mobility management, transportation services, or the most challenging logistics solutions, Dependable Relo can help.

As with all our moves, our crew will carefully pack and load your shipment to ensure your items arrive safely. You will have a relocation coordinator who will answer questions, provide status updates throughout the entire relocation process and generally make sure that your international relocation is as stress-free as possible.


We also offer support, knowledgeable advice, and answers to your most important questions, such as:

  • When you should request a quote
  • What services are included
  • Cost
  • Timeframe
  • Insurance for belongings
  • Best mode of transport
  • Prohibited or restricted items
  • Customs requirements

Questions? Just contact us!