8 Amazing Reasons to Move to Houston, Texas

Looking to move to Texas? Consider living in Houston, one of the most rapidly growing cities in the United States. Houston is becoming more desirable that other Texas cities like Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Why? Perhaps it’s the low cost of living or the warm weather that entices potential residents. Read more

Tips for Moving in Winter and Snowy Weather – How to Prepare for Your Winter Move!

 Moving in winter may sound dreary, but it has some advantages. For instance, more date availability and potential cost savings. However, it can bring complications like severe weather and delays. If you decide to move during the winter months, it’s important to take precautions. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will make moving long distance in winter simple and stress free. Read more

Best Way to Sell Your Furniture When Moving

It’s common to attempt to sell furniture and other household items before a move. It’s a great way to get extra cash to help with moving expenses, and it can help save on your overall move since pricing is often based on weight of the shipment. However, selling your furniture is not always easy. We’ve compiled some quick tips and insight into the best way to sell furniture when moving. Read more

The Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Texas

Sitting at nearly 270,000 square miles, it’s no surprise that planning a visit to Texas can be overwhelming! Where do you go? How many cities do you visit? What should you do? While there are countless wonderful things to see in each part of the state, we’ve narrowed down our top ten favorite tourist destinations that are a must-see in the Lone Star state. Read more

The 8 Best Things to Do in El Paso, Texas

At the farthest western tip of Texas lies the border city, El Paso. Its desert landscape and rich cultural attractions make this unique city a destination for travelers and tourists alike. Read more

The 6 Best Things to do in San Antonio

Located in south central Texas, San Antonio is a major city rich in colonial heritage and great attractions for locals and visitors alike. Founded in 1718, San Antonio’s culture offers an authentic glimpse of early Spanish colonial life in the Southwest. If you’re thinking about venturing down to this part of the Lone Star State, we recommend checking out these 6 wonderful attractions. Read more


(ST. LOUIS – March 2, 2020) – Larry Winton of Dependable Relocation Services, Inc. (Dependable RELO) was honored with United Van Lines’ Masters Club Award at United’s national sales and operations conference, held recently in St. Louis. Dependable RELO is an agent of the worldwide household goods transportation company. Read more

How Do I Move Safely During COVID-19?

You’ve heard the phrase, “expect the unexpected”, right? In the current state of the world, this could not be more accurate. Across the globe, family, friends and communities are challenged with finding their new normal and adapting their day-to-day lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, this means things are put on hold. For others, this can mean continuing with previously made plans, such as moving.

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9 Simple Ways to Care for Yourself and Others During COVID-19

In trying times like these, compassion and empathy move to the forefront of what’s important. As our communities face uncertainty, we must find ways to prevail and keep moving forward. Though we are all facing adversity, we can do our part to help those around us. Here are nine simple ways you can show compassion to yourself and others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Moving boxes from California to Texas

Helpful Tips for Moving from California to Texas

Over recent years, more and more people are moving from California to Texas. You may be asking yourself, should I move to Texas from California? Well, that depends. California and Texas are two of the largest states in the U.S., but they are vastly different. There are many benefits of relocating to Texas, but also some unfavorable factors to consider. This guide will highlight some things to know before moving from California to Texas. Read more