Taking Special Care When Moving

4 Things That Need Special Care When Moving

When moving, there are several special cares to consider: child care, pet care, plant care and wine care. Among many, these types of cares need special attention when moving. 

How to Move with a Child

How to Move with a Child

  • Moving is an emotional time, especially for children. Making them part of the process will help them deal with the changes more easily. You can have your kids help with some of the packing of their belongings and let them suggest layouts for their new rooms.
  • If you have young children, arrange for a babysitter to watch them on moving day. Since you will be concentrating your efforts on the move, a sitter can keep your children occupied and make sure they remain safe during the busy loading process.
  • Packing for children’s needs during the transition is critical. Make sure to mark and set aside items to go with you, not on the truck. Items you might include are toys, electronics (make sure they have new batteries and corresponding chargers), pillows, blankets, favorite stuffed animal, medicines, humidifiers and other items critical to their contentment.


How to Move With Pets

  • Animals cannot be moved in a moving van. If you are not taking your pets by car, make other transportation arrangements for them (Check out our guide to moving with pets for a complete guide). Because some states require up-to-date health certificates and rabies vaccinations, it is a good idea to take your pets to the veterinarian prior to the move to ensure that you have the proper documents.
  • If you need assistance with pet relocation, we have a supplier network we can connect you with. Please do not hesitate to contact your Relocation Coordinator for a referral in your area.


How to Move Your Plants

  • Some state laws prohibit the entry of house plants, and most plants will not survive transportation in the moving van. United cannot accept responsibility for safely moving your plants. Consider giving your plants to a friend, business or local charity.
  • Should you choose to transport your plants yourself:
    • Check with a nursery at your destination to see if the plants can survive in the new climate.
    • Plant transportation in your vehicle should be similar to that of a pet – air conditioning mixed with fresh air, well watered, ventilated and expect the plant to “stress” during transport.


How to Move Wine

  • Wine collections cannot be transported with your household goods, however, we can refer you to a vendor that specializes in the delicate task of moving wine, if needed. Please contact your Relocation Coordinator for a referral in your area.
  • Should you choose to transport your wine collection through a specialty company:
    • Create an itemized, valued inventory of bottles and establish a complete shipment value.
    • Understand that the wine scheduled pick up will be prior to your household goods and will deliver after the household goods.
    • Quotes typically include packing and transport, but rarely include unpacking and put away.

Ready For the Next Step?

Download and print this guide then give us a call (888) 461-3737 or contact us to get professional help moving your fragile items and more.

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